Arduino lag test

Hey Chris,

We’re planning on using an Arduino-Uno via Mworks-StandardFirmata to trigger a brain stimulator, so we wanted to see if anyone has measured any lags in the triggering of the arduino pulse? Ie - if we send an update to the screen and set the firmata variable to 1 simultaneously, has anyone tested the lag: or any similar test?

Hi Travis,

I did do a timing test not long ago for another MWorks user. Please see this discussion.

Also, as I mentioned in that discussion, the Arduino Uno probably isn’t a great choice. I’ve been recommending the Arduino Nano 33 IoT, which uses a much more modern and powerful processor than the Uno. Unfortunately, the Arduino store doesn’t have them in stock at the moment. Although I haven’t tested it personally, the Arduino Zero should also be a good choice, and it is currently in stock.


Hi Chris,

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!!!