EyeLink crashes MWServer

Hi Yoon,

The eyelink issue is no longer present. I can run experiments.

Great! The folks at NIH report success with the nightly build, too, so I will push these fixes out in MWorks 0.12.2 soon.

In general, I manually change the ‘eye_in_window’ variable to ‘true’ to keep the experiment running without an actual observer. In the nightly build, the parameter value resets each trial. So, I now have to change the parameter value in each trial whereas this was not the case before.

The behavior of fixation points changed slightly in MWorks 0.12. See this comment for details. One possible workaround is to do as I suggested in that comment: Keep the fixation point on screen at all times, and make it transparent when you want to hide it. Another option would be to add a new variable (e.g. simulate_fixation). After queueing the fixation point, if the value of the variable is true, your experiment can set eye_in_window to true.