Found a tiny bug in the "Clear Stimuli Display"-action

Hallo Chris,

I maybe found a tiny inconvenience in the action “Clear Stimulus Display”. I programmed a Dynamic Stimulus which will be reseted after a “stopPlaying()”. This happens when I dequeue the stimulus (with the dequeue action). When I use “Clear Stimulus Display”-action instead no “stopPlaying()” will be sent to the stimulus.
It is not a big thing (we can use dequeue stimulus), but could maybe create a problem in the far future?

Lieben Gruß aus Göttingen

Hi Ralf,

Good to hear from you!

Yes, this was an issue, but I believe it is fixed as of MWorks 0.12. Specifically, if the dynamic stimulus has autoplay set to YES, clearing the display will invoke stopPlaying on the stimulus. (As you noted, this already happened when dequeuing the stimulus and updating the display.)

If autoplay is NO, then dequeuing the stimulus or clearing the display will not invoke stopPlaying. In that case, you need to invoke Stop Dynamic Stimulus explicitly.


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Hallo Chris,
thanks a lot for your answer/explanation. I’m looking forward (and I’m a tiny bit scared) switching to Works 0.12. The eyeLink-plugin creates still some problems (because this library is still compiled for intel-chips, which mean the server must run in emulation mode). Still working on that problem :sunglasses:
Lieben Gruß