Initial Python configuration

Hi Chris,

I’ve installed .9 Mworks on a new computer, and I’m trying to run an older Mworks xml experiment on it, that was put together by a previous person in the lab. They implimented a python script to move a list of images into the mworks experiment, upon loading the experiment. I tried this in the new setup and I get the error of missing mworks.conduit. I saw in another post a person said, ‘I am able to import mworks.conduit from /Library/App Support/MWorks/Scripting’ So I’ve been looking to see if there is a configuration step I have to do to link the Mac’s python to mworks, but I can’t find any easy instructions. Can you either point me to where this is in the manual, or shoot me a quick couple steps for configuring python?


Hi Travis,

Please see this section in the user manual.


Thanks worked Beautifully, I have a seperate question, but I’ll submit it as a different ticket to keep your system clean :slight_smile: