Mworks complete breakdown

Hi Chris,

Taylor just started mworks even though the disk was completely full. This resulted in an out of space error (reasonably). I removed some data. After this mworks started to throw parser errors where it just says “failed to parse experiment”. This happens for all experiments tested, not just the most recent one run.

Also, localhost shows a green arrow but at the same time shows no connection. The last time I saw the localhost issue I wound up reinstalling mworks.

I have restarted the computer repeatedly, uninstalled mworks, reinstalled v11 that I was running at the time, restarted again, uninstalled that an installed the newest version. The not connecting to host error remains. I also restarted the daq card repeatedly (normally this results in a different error though).

At some point I added information back to mwserver preferences which have reset, and I get an additional error that refresh_rate_hz is missing or invalid, an issue in setup_variables.

I’m out of ideas how to fix this, do you have an idea what may be going on?


When removing all backup versions from my desktop a reinstall did work. I think before that it inherited the issues again and again perhaps, though I don’t understand why.

Hi Alina,

It sounds like something got corrupted when the out-of-space error happened. I was thinking it might be the configuration file. If you ever changed settings via MWServer’s preferences window, the config file would be located in your home directory, and uninstalling MWorks wouldn’t affect it. But if removing all backup versions fixed the problem, then it seems like that must not have been the issue.

On the other hand, if you were relying on the system-level config file, then that would be copied from a backup when installing MWorks. In that case, it would make sense that deleting the backups fixed the issue.

I don’t have any more insight in to what might have gone wrong. I’m glad you were able to find a solution!