MWorks support for macOS 14?

Hello Chris,

I am currently facing issues while installing MWorks on my Macbook, which runs macOS Sonoma Version 14.2.1 (23C71). I have tried installing a couple of the latest versions of the release, but the MWServer keeps showing ‘No Connection’ despite the fact that the URL and Port are correct. Can you please let me know if MWorks has been tested on macOS 14?

Best regards,

Hi Meg,

Yes, MWorks has been tested on macOS 14.

A few questions, just so I’m clear about the situation:

  1. Are you running both MWClient and MWServer on your MacBook?
  2. Are the listening address and listening port set to “localhost” and “19989”, respectively, in both the client and the server?

If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then you might be running in to this issue. To work around it, you can either (1) restart your Mac, or (2) replace “localhost” with “” in both client and server. If neither of those fixes the issue, please let me know, and we’ll investigate other possible solutions.


Thank you very much, Chris! Replacing with worked like a charm!