New features in MWorks 0.8

Hi Chris,

Mehrdad has asked me to comment on the upgrade situation for MWorks,
NI-Daq, and OS X in our lab. I know that you don’t have comprehensive
release notes for MWorks 0.8. However, would you be able to give me an idea
of which features are available in MWorks 0.8 which, if used, would make
programs written in 0.8 not backwards compatible with 0.7 (or even 0.6)?


Hi Evan,

There’s a lot of new stuff coming in 0.8. Here’s some of the big and/or recent items:

  • MWEL
  • New Firmata features
  • Expression parser “py_eval” and “py_call” functions
  • Python file resources
  • New white noise background parameters
  • RCB-LVDS support
  • Fullscreen stimulus display
  • Drifting grating enhancements
  • Event callback registration in Python actions
  • “move_mouse_cursor” action
  • “clear_stimulus_display” action
  • Expression parser “type” function
  • “while” action

But if you want to know whether an experiment developed against MWorks 0.8 will also work with 0.7, the easiest thing would be to test it. If it uses any new stuff, it should fail to load under the older release.