NIDAQ alternative

Hi Chris,

Do you think we can replace our NIDAQ devices with the following

Wondering about MWorks compatibility.


Hi Ko,

The software needed by that device doesn’t appear to support macOS, so I don’t think we’ll be able to make it work with MWorks.

If your I/O needs are relatively simple (e.g. pump control, sending sync signals to a recording system), then I recommend using a Firmata-compatible device. Most Arduino boards and compatible devices are supported by the Arduino Firmata library. In my experience, these devices are fast, reliable, and very inexpensive, which is why I always recommend them first.

If you want a more traditional DAQ device, the LabJack T4 looks pretty comparable to the Measurement Computing device you referenced. I’m still working on adding support for LabJack T-series devices to MWorks, but I could probably wrap it up fairly quickly, if you decide to go that route.

If there are other devices you’re interested in using with MWorks, send me a link, and I’ll try to assess whether we can make them work.


Thanks Chris.

I will look into the Arduino options. Seems like they are the most scalable. Right now, I don’t need anything. The ITC controller is working. But I am sort of preparing for a situation when this device breaks or just in general if I build a new set up.

I will get back to you soon.