NIDAQ device test code?

Hi Chris,
Perhaps it’d be best if you gave me some test code for the NIDAQ device. I’ve installed NIDAWmx base and upgraded MWorks; the device seems functional. I test it by sending a reward signal to a specific line/port on the NIDAQ D-IO device, and measuring that output with an oscilloscope. However, all I’m seeing is a flat 5V DC output, so I most likely skipped a step. Any chance you can help?

Hi Rishi,

I’ve attached an example experiment that toggles a digital output (P0.0) every second. When I connect the signal to an oscilloscope, I get the expected square wave (range 0-5 V, period 2 seconds).

If you need further assistance, please let me know.


Attachment: nidaq_digital_output.xml (3.43 KB)