Recommended device settings

To ensure that your experiments run smoothly and without unwanted interruptions, we recommend making the following changes in the Settings app of your iOS device:

  • Do Not Disturb

    • Enable “Do Not Disturb”
    • Set “Silence” to “Always”
    • Set “Allow Calls From” to “No One”
    • Disable “Repeated Calls”
  • Control Center

    • Disable “Access Within Apps”
  • Display & Brightness

    • Disable “True Tone” (if present)
    • Set “Night Shift” to “Off”
    • Set “Auto-Lock” to “Never”
  • Home Screen & Dock → Multitasking

    • Disable “Allow Multiple Apps”
    • Disable “Picture in Picture”
    • Disable “Gestures”
  • Accessibility → Guided Access

  • Enable “Guided Access”

  • Siri & Search

    • Disable “Listen for Hey Siri”
    • Disable “Press Home for Siri”
  • iTunes & App Store

    • Under “Automatic Downloads”, disable “App Updates”
    • Disable “Offload Unused Apps”

Guided Access

After launching MWorks, you may want to enable Guided Access. This will prevent the experimental subject from closing the app or accessing the lock screen or Control Center from within it.