Save starting gains/offsets to workspace?

Hi Chris -

We’ve been busy with pilot experiments for a few months - but finally had a new question for you!

CCing Neel who has now taken over from Jack and is developing new MWELs and Matlab code for the lab.


We typically load a unique workspace for each of our 4 animals. Is it possible to save the starting gains/offsets for each animal in their workspace? That way we dont have to type in those numbers daily before running our eye calibration protocol.

Thanks - and hope all is well!

Hi Yasmine,

They can’t be saved directly in the workspace, but they can be saved as part of a saved variable set that the workspace loads. The private variable associated with each eye calibrator is automatically part of any saved variable set you create. To keep the settings for each animal distinct, you would need to create a separate saved variable set for each.

Does it sound like that would work for you?