Setting up a client-server connection over the network

MWorks allows you to run the MWClient and MWServer applications on separate machines, with communication between the two processes taking place over the network. The instructions below describe how to establish such a connection.

On the machine running MWServer

The following steps will prepare MWServer to accept connections from remote MWClient instances:

  • Open

  • Click the “Preferences” button, and select the “Network” pane

  • In the field labeled “Listening address”, replace “localhost” with the public IP address or host name of the server machine. Be sure to press “Return” when you finish.

  • Restart MWServer

If you have the system firewall enabled (System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Firewall), then immediately after MWServer restarts, you may be presented with a dialog asking “Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?”. Click “Allow”.

On the machine running MWClient

To connect to a remote MWServer instance, do the following:

  • Open

  • Click the red circle with white X next to “No connection”

  • In the URL field, enter the IP address or host name of the machine running MWServer, then click “connect”

The client-server connection should now be established, and you should be able to load and run experiments as usual.