Analog eye traces

Hi Chris,

Can MWorks perform eye calibration on analog inputs provided through a Firmata or Lab Jack? We have a custom eye tracker whose code base only currently allows it to stream analog output. I have been working on a TCP/IP and ZeroMQ output interface, but I realized that perhaps there was already a way to get things working in MWorks as it currently stands. I honestly prefer the idea of general input streams (digital or analog) as opposed to trying to get every eye tracker’s C library integrated into the MWorks core.

RT (Manu) Raghavan
Movshon Lab, NYU

Hi RT,

Yes, MWorks’ eye calibrators will work just fine with analog inputs from a general purpose I/O device. (In fact, before the EyeLink interface was added, that was the only way anyone used them.) As long as the raw x/y positions are stored in variables, those variables can be used as inputs to a calibrator.