Analyzing .mwk files on Openmind

Hi Chris,

I was about to start working on a tool that unpacks variables of interest into .mat files on the BCS Openmind cluster to save my personal computer the heavy lifting. But then I remembered this thread of Seth’s:

which makes me think this may not be as easy as just copying over the MWorks analysis code to the cluster. Do you mind providing some guidance to get me started with this? For instance, is it going to require a full MWorks install on the cluster to get it working? I think that’s possible but I’ll have to contact the cluster administrators to make a module available.


Hi Evan,

MWorks’ MATLAB tools depend on a compiled MEX file (mwfeval.mexmaci64), which in turn depends on the MWorksCore framework. Since MWorks runs only on OS X, you aren’t going to be able to use it on OpenMind.

Some folks have written third-party unpackers for MWorks data. However, they’re for Python, not MATLAB, and may be unmaintained. If you’re interested in trying them, I recommend getting in touch with the authors:


Thanks for the info. I’ll probably try to do the unpacking on the rig overnight but I’ll look into these options if necessary.