Fake Monkey confusion

Hi Chris,

I hope you are well. I am trying to set up my experiment to work with a fake monkey and experiencing some trouble. I set up the fake monkey as an IO device with the eye channel sub-device and modified the eyeMonitor variable to receive inputs from the eye_v and eye_h of th fake monkey (with new variables, to avoid the ones used by the real Eyelink). I start the fake monkey, then use the action “fake monkey saccade and fixate” later on in the experiment to order the fake monkey to saccade and fixate at a location. However, instead of seeing that, I see the fake monkey randomly saccading around the screen. Is there a tag or flag somewhere in initializing the fake monkey that will force it to disable this random saccading, so it can receive commands from the actions? Or is the random saccading caused by something else. If you have any ideas, please let me know!



Hi Simon,

The fake monkey eye channel continually generates random saccades until you execute a saccade and fixate action. The duration parameter of the saccade and fixate action controls how long fixation persists. After that, random saccades resume. The only way to stop the random saccades is to stop the fake monkey entirely.