MWServer crash with new OS

Hi Chris,

This is the crash report from the mac that is old but has a new OS installed to be able to run the nightly build.

Hi Sujay,

Thanks for the crash report.

The crash is happening inside the graphics driver while updating the mirror window. Can you try disabling the mirror window (uncheck MWServer → Preferences → Display → Always show mirror window) to see if that eliminates the issue?

Also, on the Mac where MWServer is crashing, please run the following command in Terminal, and send me the output:

system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType


That did it! Thanks Chris. It’s not crashing anymore.

Here is the output on the mac terminal for your command -

Hi Sujay,

It’s not crashing anymore.

Ok, great!

Here is the output on the mac terminal for your command

Thanks for that. I see that the two displays on the Mac are connected to different graphics cards. Can you try connecting them both to the same graphics card, then (after restarting the machine) re-enable the mirror window and test again?

My thinking: The fullscreen display window and the mirror window share some OpenGL resources. If things work correctly with a single card driving both displays, then it may be the case that the new macOS version you installed doesn’t properly support this kind of resource sharing across multiple graphics cards.