Service USB plus

Hi Chris,

For our new mouse visual setup, we need an I/O device. I initially planned to use an NI Card, similar to what we use in other setups. However, I’ve come across an alternative in the lab that I’d like to explore further. It’s a Service USB plus device, but I couldn’t find much information about it on the forum, apart from its usage in Göttingen. How should I proceed with this? Can I follow the same procedures as with the NIDAQ?


Hi Marta,

For help with the Service USB plus, you’ll have to contact Ralf Brockhausen at DPZ. He developed the MWorks interface for it. I’ve never seen his code or worked with the device.

If you’d like another option that I could help you with, you could consider a LabJack LJM device. Specifically, the capabilities of the LabJack T4 look comparable to those of the Service USB plus. You could also use an Arduino board via MWorks’ Firmata interface.