Testing fixation window with mouse input


I have a smoothly moving target fixation point and I am testing my code with mouse input to simulate the eye input. I’ve noticed if i put my mouse initially inside the trigger window, and then do nothing with the mouse (i.e. eye_x, eye_y will stop changing), then trigger_flag will always remain true even when the fixation point stimulus moves away and the mouse is no longer inside the fixation window. Is this expected behavior, or is there an easy fix to this?

mouse_input eye_tracker (
    mouse_position_x = eye_x
    mouse_position_y = eye_y
    use_mirror_window = NO

basic_eye_monitor (
    eyeh_calibrated = eye_x
    eyev_calibrated = eye_y
    eye_state = eyeInSaccade
    width_samples = 5
    saccade_entry_speed = 2
    saccade_exit_speed = 60

This is my eye input simulation setup.

Hi Hokyung,

Yes, this is expected behavior. The value of trigger_flag is updated when new values of trigger_watch_x and trigger_watch_y arrive. If the inputs don’t change, then neither does the output. This isn’t an issue with a real eye tracker, which updates the eye position continuously.

For testing purposes, you could use scheduled actions to update the eye position variables regularly from the current mouse position. Please see the attached example.

continuous_mouse_input.mwel (1.0 KB)