Upgrading to 0.5

In MWorks 0.5, the experiment parser has become more rigorous about validating component parameters. In particular, if a component definition includes unrecognized parameters, the experiment will now fail to load.

This is good, because it means MWorks will now issue an error if you misspell a parameter name, rather than silently ignoring the parameter as it did previously. However, it also means that experiments that include old, currently-unsupported parameters will need to be updated. Here are the most common problem parameters that will need to be removed:

  • Multiple stimulus types:

    • affine_transform
    • contrast (often can be replaced with alpha_multiplier)
  • Drifting grating stimulus:

    • frames_per_second
    • statistics_reporting
    • error_reporting
  • Movie stimulus:

    • movie_stats
    • error_reporting
  • Multiple I/O channel types:

    • device
  • ITC-18 I/O channels (except for triggered analog snippet):

    • TTL_trigger_port
    • pre_trigger_interval
    • post_trigger_interval