Upgrading from 0.3.x

If you have an experiment written for a 0.3.x version of MWorks, you’ll need to make some changes to the XML in order to run it under MWorks 0.4.x and later:

  • I/O devices and I/O channels must have unique names
  • I/O channels need to be defined as <iochannel ... instead of <channel ...
  • The I/O channel attribute type must be renamed data_type
  • I/O channels need to specify their data_type attribute as underscore-separated words (e.g. pulse_active_low instead of pulseActiveLow)
  • For the ITC-18, triggered_analog_snippet needs to have an additional attribute: type="itc18_triggered_analog_snippet"
  • Selection objects that use selection="sequential" now must use selection="sequential_ascending"
  • Selection variables need to be defined as <variable type="selection" ... instead of <selection_variable .... The rest of the attributes are the same.
  • A rectangle stimulus is defined as type rectangle instead of rect