Mac ITC18 driver suggestions?

We’ve recently upgraded to a newer Mac because the SSD was dying. I came across an issue when installing the ITC-18 Heka drivers, and wrote to them but thought I’d see if anyone here has had a similar issue.

The issue is that when installing the drivers (after disabling System Integrity Protection as their manual described) the installation file errors with ‘bad cpu type in executable’. Some googling suggested that this is due to modern Mac OS’s not supporting 32bit anymore, but I was wondering if anyone here has come up with a workaround?

  • an interesting aside; I think I installed the Heka drivers on this computer in the past because they exist in the framework library, but mworks can’t initialize the itc-18 when opening an xml experiment. wierd.

Thanks! Travis

Hi Travis,

Does the newer Mac have an Apple Silicon processor (eg M1, M2)? If so, then I think you’re out of luck. The ITC-18 relies (I believe) on a kernel extension, and you can’t load an Intel kernel extension on an Apple Silicon Mac.


Luckily it’s intel, it’s the exact same model as the previous (late 2013 cylinder) but it wasn’t hardly used so the SSD has much less write/reads. It’s interesting that the Library/Framework for the ITC is in there, but that mworks can’t utilize it. I thought this meant at some point I had installed the ITC drivers in the past, and other 2013 cylinders that have been updated to the newer OS can still connect to the ITC-18, so it seems possible. It would suck if I’d have to install an older OS, reinstall the drivers, then install a modern OS.