MOOG compatible hardware

Hi Chris!

I’m Neelima, a tech in the Jazayeri lab. I’m interested in designing a touch screen task and I was wondering if there are any touchscreens that you recommend that are compatible with MOOG.

I would love to chat about this if you have a second sometime this week.

Thank you so much!


Hi Neelima,

Any touchscreen that works with macOS will work with MWorks. The OS will interpret touches as mouse click events, so you’ll need to use a mouse input device to receive them in your MWorks experiment. (Alternatively, if you ran the experiment on an iPad, you could use its built-in touchscreen and a touch input device, but I assume you want to run on a Mac.)

If you want a specific hardware recommendation, some folks in the DiCarlo Lab have successfully used Elo touchscreens with MWorks in the past. That was many years ago, though, so there may be better options today.

If you have questions specific to MOOG, you’ll have to ask someone in your lab. MOOG isn’t part of MWorks, and I know very little about it.

If you want to discuss this further, I’m happy to schedule a Zoom call. I’ll also be at the office tomorrow (5/25), so maybe we could meet in person.