NIDAQ stuck at configuration

Hey Chris,

I followed the instructions on the mworks website and installed the NI-DAQmx Base for Mac OS X (version 3.7). Now, with the DAQ plugged in through the USB, whenever I load the .xml file in mworks client, the console gets stuck with the message, "Configuring NIDAQ device "Dev1”…” for hours.

Not sure, if you have seen this before and if there is an easy fix!


Hi Ko,

My best guess is that you need to disable the code-signing requirement for kernel extensions. (I thought we had already done that on your Mac Pro, but maybe it was undone when it was repaired?) It’s not too hard, but there are different instructions for Yosemite (10.10) and El Capitan (10.11).

For more info, see “Device driver restrictions” in my MWorks and El Capitan blog post.


I followed the instructions on the net for El Capitan,

  • Restart with Command + R pressed, and boot into OS X Recovery Mode
  • Open Terminal
  • Type: csrutil disable;

This disabled the System integrity Protection. But it didn’t fix the issue.

Hi Ko,

It turns out there was an error in the example experiment I sent you, which prevented it from loading. I’ve attached an updated version.

With the error fixed, the example loads and runs fine for me on El Capitan. Can you try it again and let me know how it goes?


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For the archive: We eventually determined that Ko’s problem arose because he had multiple versions of NI-DAQmx Base installed (specifically, versions 3.7 and 14), and they were apparently conflicting with each other. After uninstalling both versions (using the procedure outlined in another discussion) and reinstalling version 3.7, the NI-DAQ device worked as expected.