Problem using multiple monitors

The “setup_variables” file should be the one defining the external parameters (monitor size, number of monitors), and there’s even an example file for two monitors.
Yet, I’m not able to get this to work (either by attaching an external monitor to my MacBook - MWork crashes, or by attaching two monitors to Mac mini).
If I attach two monitors to Mac mini I will get the stimuli presented on one of them (full screen), but I can’s get the mirror screen on the other one.
Any suggestion is welcome.


Hi Vladimir,

Can you send me the setup_variables.xml file that you’re trying to use?


Hi Vladimir,

I don’t see any issues with the setup file you sent me. One thought is that maybe the mirror window is ending up behind the full-screen stimulus window. After loading an experiment, if you enter Mission Control, do you see the mirror window? (The full-screen window should disappear when Mission Control activates.)

As for the crash on your MacBook Pro, it’s very possible that there are issues with running MWorks 0.4.4 on OS X 10.9. MWorks 0.4.4 (which was released 6 years ago now) was only ever tested on OS X 10.6. Can you try installing MWorks 0.6 and see if that fixes things?